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Cinnamon Tortilla Chips


Authentic Mexican Tortilla Chips. Discover the taste of tradition from our Grandma Carmen's inspired recipe from Mexico. Try our Los Cantores Cinnamon Tortilla Chip Flavour, dusted with cinnamon and natural ingredients. One bite and your tastebuds will sing. 


325 G per bag



Cinnamon-sugar dusted Bunuelos (pronouced boo-nweh-loes) are a traditional festive dessert from Spain and Latin America. Similar holiday treats are made in India, Turkey, Holland and Russia. Now these sugar cinnamon crisps can be enjoyed by you all year round. Try them in hot weather with a scoop of ice cream, or in cold weather with hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. Indulge yourself!




White corn flour, canola oil, lime water, sea salt, sugar, cinnamon. No additives or preservatives.

We Cook with Natural Ingredients to Achieve the Highest Level of Flavours. 100% Natural, No Preservatives, Certified Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, No Artificial Flavours, Organic, Non-GMO, Certified Kosher and Vegan.

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Taste of Tradition

It all started in our founders’ family kitchen when Grandma Carmen or Doña Carmen mastered the Mexican culinary arts from her kitchen in "Rancho Los Cantores". She experimented with her craft until she perfected recipes.

Cinnamon Tortilla Chips



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